Make it a great day
A saying my high school history teacher used to say

Saturday, I went to a memorial service for my high school history teacher, William Batze. Or Mr. Batze, as he was referred to by most of his students.

Outside class, and after we were all out of high school, we just called him Batze.

His first daughter and I had been in the same schools (same grade) for years. His second daughter was a couple years behind.

They put on a great tribute to Mr. Batze's life.

I learned a lot about him that I didn't know.

And got to hear a lot of great stories from former students, fellow teachers, and friends of Batze.

I'm not writing here to tell you the whole story.

What I am here to tell you today is simply: Make it a great day. It's what Batze used to say at the end of class, every day.

It's largely a choice. Sure, sometimes the day just goes haywire and you're fucked no matter what.

You may be driving to the office and get rear-ended in traffic.

Or you could find out your best friend has cancer.

Or maybe your kid's principal called you to tell you that little Johnny got in a fight.

(All those things have happened to me. Shit happens.)

But you can choose to be positive or be negative.

Seize the day or let it seize you. Either way, it's a choice.

I don't like being out of control. I like it when I'm driving. And it doesn't have to be a car. I want to be the guy in charge.

When I feel like stuff just isn't going my way, it bums me out.

I often have to do a “daily reset”: Just STOP. Clear the head. Get into “flow.” Move on.

One thing I often say to myself when things just go south: Make it a great day.

I hope you're making it a great day today!


make it a great day

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  • Thanks for the wise thought to CHOOSE. I hadn’t thought about a choice to make it a great day before. Often times I am reacting to the negative out of habit. But the choice is mine to react in an uplifting way that over time builds me and others around me up to a higher plane of living.
    -Greg M

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