Post Length

You may already know this – long blog posts rank better than short ones.

  • But what is a “long” blog post?
  • What is a “short” blog post?

The good folks at SERP IQ analyzed a bunch of data and what they found may surprise you.

They found that the average post length for the #1 ranked page for any given keyword was around 2400-2500 words. The #10 ranked web page had over 2000 words.

NOTHING in the top 10 had anything less than 2000 words.

Definitely something to think about.

Now, the question is, do all of your blog posts have to be over 2000 words?

I submit that the answer is “No.”

HOWEVER, for really important pages (sales pages, pages that lead directly to service offerings, etc.), I have long advocated long blog posts.

I suggest you give that some consideration.

In the long run, you will produce a lot of content for your blog. Some posts will be on the short side (300-500 words). Some will be on the long side (over 2000 words). And some (probably most) will be somewhere in the middle.

For those posts and pages that you NEED to rank well, make sure that the quality is there and that they're over 2000 words.

Think of these pages as “one-stop shops” for your viewers – in essence, they're self-contained buckets of gold.

They are not your typical, “Hey, this is what I ate for breakfast” blog posts.


So get out there and write some 2000+ word pages and posts. Shoot for one a week. Before you realize it, you will have a bunch of awesome long-copy pages that will help you get more traffic to your blog.

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