List Building 101 Tip #1 – Build Your Own Business

Build your email list

I'm going to give you — literally — 101 tips on building a responsive email marketing list.

That is to say, I will help you build a list of ready, willing, and able prospects!

How does that sound?

Tip #1 — Build Your Own Business

While there is a lot to be said for getting to the top of the search engines and advertising to promote your business, there’s nothing like having your own list.

A list is something that you control at all times.

You control:

  • Its size
  • Your relationship with members
  • How much money you make

By having a list, you are building your business on solid ground.

That's not to say that search engine traffic isn't wonderful and you should quit advertising. However, developing a list of leads or customers can be worth much more to you in the long run when combined with both of those methods of driving traffic.

If you need a killer email list manager, look no further than Aweber. It's economical, reliable, and easy to use!

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