List Building 101 Tip #92

After you have gotten a flow to your messages and you know exactly where you want them to head, you may consider outsourcing them to a writer. This will make things even more hands-off for you. It's even better if you get a writer who is well-versed in writing autoresponder copy.

[tweetthis url=””]If you do seek to hire a pro to write your emails, make sure he can write in your voice.[/tweetthis]

There are many writers available who are willing to do this for a very reasonable fee. Keep in mind that low prices do not always equal the best deal, and high prices do not always equal the best quality. You want to examine the person's writing samples and give them some small work at first before you hand over the job on a long-term basis.

Now, I personally like writing all of my own emails. But if you're busy, and email isn't your primary revenue generator (and it might ought to be), then go ahead and outsource it.

Just make sure you find somebody who can write as closely as possible in your voice. This is very important.


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