List Building 101 Tip #90

There are some people who have email accounts that cannot handle HTML. Still others do not wrap the text very well (AW Pro Tools has an email column size formatting tool). You want to make sure you work with your autoresponder company's tools to ensure that your emails are able to reach as many people as possible.

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This often means including an HTML version and a text version of every email you send (Aweber does this for you). You should also realize that some spam filters will give you spam marks against HTML. That is why some marketers stick with strictly text.

Nicole Dean of had this to say,

I use text only in my email messages, as opposed to .html for one reason: because that's what I would use to send a message to a trusted friend or to a family member. My list is my extended family and I want them to feel like they're receiving a message from a friend when they see my name in their inbox.

Now, if I were selling shoes in a big ecommerce shoe website, and wanted to include graphics of the latest designs,– that would be a completely different story. But, for an online marketer of content and information and recommendations –text works just fine for me.


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