List Building 101 Tip #86

One of the most frustrating things that marketers have to deal with is getting spam complaints. There are just some people out there that do not realize they will receive emails, even though they have signed up for an email list. This might sound facetious, but it's very true. People might think that they are simply going to get the one special offer or freebie email and not continue to receive them. If they do receive additional emails and they are not sure why, they might hit the spam button. Some people also hit the spam button rather than hitting the delete button or unsubscribe link.

The best way to decrease the spam complaints you receive is to make sure people know what they are signing up for. Clearly outline that you will send messages regularly to help them. Making this clear may prevent some potential problems. I suggest you put this on your email confirmation and thank you pages.

[tweetthis url=””]The BEST way to reduce spam complaints? Tell subscribers exactly what to expect before they sign up.[/tweetthis]

Also, make sure every email you send your list is in their best interest. If you keep sending them offers that are not in their best interest you will get spam complaints.

If you heed this advice and you still get a few spam complaints here and there, don't worry. There will always be people who just do not understand. Your autoresponder provider will provide you with some guidelines to watch out for to make sure your spam complaints are not too high.


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