List Building 101 Tip #78

It can't be said enough that if you want to increase your conversions you need to focus on the benefits of your offer. It's not enough to tell people that your course will help them.

You need to concentrate on their emotions and dig deep into what the benefits are. Too many marketers focus on the features, which are wonderful but don't really have those emotional hot points.

  • Remember, benefits are best displayed as bullets

The old copyrighting adage is that people don't want to buy the drill, they want to buy the holes. You need to be selling the holes, instead of the drill. Or another way to look at it is that people don't want to buy the rake, they just want the nice yard.


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  • Thanks Bill!
    There does seem to be a bit of confusion, with regards to how to
    properly entice our particular audience with persuasive words!

    Thanks for helping clear the mystery up!

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