List Building 101 Tip #69

Yet another great way to get traffic to your optin page and your website is to submit videos to sites like YouTube. There are many people who browse for videos on a variety of different topics. The description area of your video can contain a link back to your website. If your video is compelling enough, people will likely click over to visit.

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One thing that many people forget to do is put a call to action at the end of the video. This is a great way to increase responses to get people to visit your website. You can even make it clear that there is something available for free if they do visit.

Video annotations are an incredible way to place calls to action in your videos.


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  • This article could not have arrived at a better time, than today! I just had a wonderful walk-through with a partner of mine. He made it so simple in the area of creating and completing a video. Yes, on YouTube, without all the detailed junk.

    Now, I can create the video. Pictures from all over, which I personally took. Then, music with only instrumentals, always. Then, voice-over with my own voice. I am so full of enthusiasm, it scares most people in a great way!

    My courage is unshakable now. I have visioned great end results. So, excited to read this article. Which, only supports my vision.

    Thanks and keep me updated with your other insights.

  • Thanks Bill!

    And you’re so right about the power of carefully crafted problem
    solving how to video.

    Provided we take the time to properly optimize the video, it’s great way
    to passively generate some highly targeted traffic!

    I was going hog wild creating Power Point videos a wild back, but to date my
    videos are still generating free targeted traffic!

    Thanks for sharing this often overlooked and or ignored strategy!

  • Great strategy. If you can create video content that people are interested in, you are sure to get more visits to your website. We started creating video versions of the blog articles that were receiving the highest number of visits. The resulting videos have done very well on YouTube.

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