List Building 101 Tip #65

Yahoo Answers is yet another way that you can drive traffic to your website. People ask questions on this site on a variety of different topics and you can provide answers. Yahoo Answers also tends to rank highly in search engines like Google, and people who need answers can search all the old topics as well as start new ones!

This is great for you when you leave an expert answer with a link to your website. Keep in mind that Yahoo Answers strives to keep the spam away, so make sure that the page you have linked to is actually helpful and relevant.


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  • This was something I have not been aware of. I have a natural list building method. I have been using for so many decades. Interaction live and online.

    Either method is found to be more personal. Answering questions is a service we provide at no cost. I love to get involved with solutions. So, I have a core passion in walking people through their daily challenges. So there would be no questions. This is using your given time and talents to enrich other’s lives and promote acts of selflessness. No cost to them.

    Thanks for sharing such insightful information. This is what I call “Useful” information. Worth our time to support such a location with real interaction.

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