List Building 101 Tip #64

Commenting on blogs is a strategy that is well worth your time. You'll want to find a few of the top blogs in your niche and leave regular comments on them. You will get a backlink to your website, but–more  importantly–you'll get visitors when people click on your website link.

This is great because it can help you get the attention of an authority that is already in the niche (the blog owner), and you may gain some of their traffic, which is highly targeted.

Plus, you can begin to build your outreach program this way – now that the blog owner knows you, and knows that you publish thoughtful comments, he will be much more receptive to your offer when you reach out to him.


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  • Great tip. This is something that I’ve been trying to be more proactive a doing in the last few months. I’m interested to see the result on my website analytics..

  • Great advice Bill!

    And we both know it’s a proven form of evergreen marketing leverage!

    And it’s a great way to start and build some really long lasting relationships,
    that easily (and often) do spill over into meeting so many others,
    that may not have been possible, or not as easily or likely.

    Had it not been for the fact, the initial right relationship was made and nurtured over time!

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