List Building 101 Tip #36

One of the ways to make money as quickly as possible is to create scarcity when you present an offer. People have very busy lives and will put off making a purchase until later — often forgetting in the process. If you create a sense of scarcity, they will be a lot more likely to make a purchase immediately rather than waiting.

There are many different ways do this.

  • Only allow a certain number products to be sold. For example, “Limited to 100 downloads.”
  • If you're an affiliate, you can limit the number of bonuses that you are presenting with that offer. Same as above.
  • Offer a product at a very low price to begin with, with the price rising at a point in the near future. These types of sales are often referred to as “dimesales.”

People don't like to feel like they are missing out, so scarcity tactics work very well. Be sure you are always truthful about this scarcity, though. If you aren't, you will lose credibility and be known as–at the very least–not true to your word. Others will call you a liar.

Either way, if you limit an offer to instill a sense of urgency in your potential buyers (i.e., your subscribers), stick to it.


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