List Building 101 Tip #16

If you are completely new to list building, you may not know the difference between a follow-up message and a broadcast message.

Followup messages:

Your follow-up messages are what the members of your list receive no matter when they sign up. These will usually be in a sequence that is delivered at a predetermined rate. So, if Sally signs up on Tuesday she will receive follow-up message #1 on Tuesday. If Tom signs up on Friday, he will receive follow-up message #1 on Friday.

That means that your autoresponder sequences are your little relationship builders and salespeople 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Broadcast messages:

These types of messages are sent out to your entire list so that they receive them at the same time (also referred to as an “email blast”). This is a good option if you have something to share that is not a normal part of the sequence. It might be a special announcement or a time-sensitive or limited-time-offer special deal.

Use both types of messages in your business for best results.


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