List Building 101 Tip #11

Choosing a domain name might seem way too basic for a guide on list building. However, if you don't have a trustworthy domain name it can affect your list building abilities in a negative way.

Your domain is important because you're going to place your list's opt-in form in several different places. Having a good domain will ensure that people visit your site in the first place, and see your opt-in form.

Get a domain nameSome tips. Choose a domain that…

1. Ends with .com or .org (not .biz or .info)
2. Has no numbers, if possible.
3. Is easy to spell.
4. Is short.
5. Is not hyphenated.

Remember – these are best practices. If you really need a domain name for branding purposes, and the only one you can get is hyphenated, then by all means, do so. But if you can prevent adding hyphens, do that.

You can purchase domain names at I love these guys. And they love me 🙂


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