​New course added! Aweber training. $50 value. Included with your Level 1 membership.
​See below for all training materials included.

​Time to LEVEL UP!

​Join Level 1 to learn all about Internet Marketing!

​Why Level 1?

​The nuts & bolts of internet marketing

​Level 1 aspires to be your one-stop shop for ALL of your internet marketing training.

Look, when I started out many years ago, internet marketing was a fledgling, new "thing." Sure, there were "gurus," but they all had a gimmick.

What I found out the hard way was that there are FUNDAMENTAL things you must learn AND apply to be successful.

​With Level 1, you get all that information. And then some...

​Learn how to install, configure, and use WordPress

​No doubt, you will wind up using WordPress as your lead gen website, blog, and sales machine. Don't waste days, months, or years figuring out how it works.

With your Level 1 membership, you will get basic & advanced WordPress training right off the bat!

And even though WordPress makes creating content, lead generation, sales, and affiliate marketing super-duper easy, there IS a learning curve.

Level 1 ​flattens ​that curve.​​​

A plethora of marketing & tech checklists!

​I have found the single-best way to accomplish all of the tasks you need to do is to use checklists.

Did you ever notice how pilots have a checklist before taking off in a jet? There is a reason.

You will NEVER fail if you use the dozens of marketing & tech checklists provided with your Level 1 account.

​All this and much MUCH MORE!

​I'm adding more to your Level 1 membership every week. Here's what's included so far:

  • WP Prime
  • ​WP Content
  • ​Internet Marketing 101
  • The Mind Method
  • ​WP Speed
  • ​Niche Marketing
  • ​Checklist Marketing
  • *NEW - Aweber Training

What ​IS Level 1?

Internet Marketing Basics

​​You could spend YEARS learning internet marketing. 

​I'll be honest with you - it's all freely accessible to you on the 'net.

But it ain't easy to find ALL the info you need. You WILL have to search around for it.

And it's a bit elusive. Plus, you never know if a tactic is outdated or - to put it simple - is bullshit.

Level 1 gives you solid internet marketing training - all in one place.​

​Learn WordPress Like a Pro

​I will be straight with you - get to know, use, and LOVE WordPress.

It's your friend. It's part CMS (content management system), part sales machine, part lead gen, and part affiliate marketing system.

While WordPress is WAYYYY easier to learn than HTML, PHP, CSS, and other web programming languages, there is a learning curve.

Level 1 gives you all you need to know.

Dozens of Marketing Checklists

​I am a HUGE believer in checklists. I use them for EVERYTHING:

  • Setting up websites
  • Picking niches
  • Putting a marketing plan in place
  • Creating an SEO campaign
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Memberships
  • Ad campaigns

Basically, every aspect of my business is run on checklists.

After you see what I use, you will use them, too!

​Explore & Discover ​Niche Marketing

​I have a whole course on just picking a niche.

It's so vitally important to choose a niche that will make you an income.

And you can really muck it up if you choose poorly.

Many people make a HUGE mistake at the outset of their internet marketing career - they choose a niche that either won't make money or they hate.

Don't do that!

Learn how to choose a profitable niche with Level 1.

​HOURS of Audio & Video Training!

​I've put together a whole host of incredible audio and video training for you.

You may need to see or hear, in addition to reading, about internet marketing for the concepts to "gel" in your brain.

I'm adding to the library ALL THE TIME!

Level 1 is your one-stop shop for A/V training.

​Become an Affiliate Marketing Stud

​I love affiliate marketing!

​It is the very best way to get started in internet marketing because you don't have to create a product or sales pages.

But you do need to pick the right niche and learn how to pre-sell your prospects.

Learn how in Level 1!

Don't ​Delay, Get Level 1 Today!

​I'm telling you - become a Level 1 member right away. You won't be sorry. It's your one-stop shop for internet marketing training.

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