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The reason for putting your business online is to sell stuff, right? Read on to find out how to create killer sales copy. It's a step-by-step process that–if followed carefully–will bring you results. Each step has a sole purpose: To get your readers to read the content in the next step!

Step 0 (optional but highly effective): Write a killer “super headline.” Often called a “subheadline,” it appears above your headline in a contrasting color, smaller font size. It may allude to a painful aspect of the problem you are going to solve for your readers.

Step 1: Get their attention with a killer headline. Say something shocking, provocative, or amazing. Reference a statistic that will blow their minds. Make it bold. Giant red font enclosed in quotes is a proven winner. Remember, the headline's purpose is to get the reader to read the next step!

Step 2: Identify the problem. In fact, don't just identify it–exploit it. Tell the reader just how bad the problem is. Put it in their terms. “You feel neglected, unsatisfied, downright sad.” Really drive home the point that this problem really REALLY SUCKS. Focus on the pain they may be experiencing.

Step 3: Tell them that you know how to solve their problem. If it solved the problem for you, that's even better. You're a trusted friend (that's what we've been working towards in this whole Webify sequence) and they will take what you say worked for you as gospel at this point. Drive it home. Make sure they know that you can solve their problem. Talk in terms of benefits not features.

Step 4: Of course, you aren't the only one with the solution. Odds are, there are dozens of other solutions out there. You have to distance your solution from the rest. Tell your reader why your product or service is better than the rest. You may focus on quality or price or a myriad of different reasons. But your solution is better, why?

Step 5: Continuing on with the theme of Step 4, it's time to build value and establish firmly why your solution is the best. Describe in no uncertain terms how your product differs from the other ones on the market. Tell them why yours is a bargain at any price. Offer a guarantee. Build even more value through bonuses that will enhance the main product's value.

Step 6: Provide proof that your solution works. Social proof is best. This means that you let past satisfied customers do the convincing for you. Include testimonials. They are immensely powerful. In fact, this step is becoming so important that there is a trend right now for putting it right after Step 1.

Step 7: Write up a compelling “call to action.” Ask for the sale! It's really that simple. Just come on out and say it. “Buy Now!” works. You have built them up on the idea that you can solve their problem. So now tell them what to do next!

Step 8: Give it to them! Put that Buy button smack dab in the middle of the page. If you did the previous steps well, this is the easy part. They got out their credit cards when you told them you knew how to solve their problem. Most people read the rest of the salesletter looking for a reason to put that card back in their wallet or purse. No joke.

Step 9: Include a PS. The postscript should contain words that trigger strong emotions. Talk about urgency, timing, how the price may rise when you figure out that you're simply offering this for too low of a price. Ask for the sale again. Put that big button down one more time!

If you follow these steps and execute them well, you will find that selling online isn't any harder than writing a blog post. You now have a plan. Go out and do it.



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