Daily blog post for January 5, 2021
Air fryers & funnel builders

Yes, you read that right. I fell prey to a late-night infomercial (with a twist). I ordered it about a month before Christmas and it came in today. LOL.

What's the twist? My wife saw it on an infomercial, couldn't remember the name, and couldn't find it online. So it became my quest to find for her and surprise her on Christmas.

Surprise! It's not here.

Nope. Still not here.

The shipping app I had to sign up for to get tracking updates never really worked. It said “shipped” about 3 weeks ago. That's it. Never updated.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it was great marketing followed by horrible execution.

This is something we in the “internet marketing” space always experience. And it's super easy to be better than crap.

We've set a really low bar. Have you ever bought an app from a marketer? They're usually sold as “made for marketers by marketers.” That should be your first sign that it's not going to go well for you.

I recently bought a funnel builder on a one-time deal (meaning, no recurring charges, just a one-time payment).

It does what it says. Delivery was instant. The sign up and registration process was easy.

But the product itself? It leaves a lot to be desired. The service it compared itself to is ClickFunnels, which is supposedly the gold standard for funnel builders. The funnel builder I got is pretty weak. The number of templates is small and they aren't very good. Just sayin'.

Oh well. It wasn't a lot of money and it's not a recurring-fee product. I know the marketer behind it, and I'm confident he will improve the product over time.

But it's definitely in the “minimum viable product” category. And I broke my rule: Don't buy service-based products from marketers.

I think the only one that's been consistently great over time is Thrive Themes.

In any event, getting back to my original point: You don't have to be perfect (not even close) to be a successful marketer. Just find what people want and give it to them at a fair price. Make it as easy as possible to use. If something isn't right, fix it.

That's really all there is to it. You can be an excellent marketer if you do all of the above and then some.


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