2021 01 27
How you doin'? (Joey from Friends reference)


Have you tried “shorts?” No, I don't mean shorting the stock market, though that would not be a bad idea right about now. There's a new president, we've had a remarkable bull market, even in the face of horrible economic news (worst job losses EVER for nearly a year now), and there's no end in sight (yet–to me) of this crappy pandemic we call “The COVID.”

In fact, since around January 2009, the stock market (DJIA) has done nothing but rise. We did have a drastic pullback in early 2020, but then the bull market took off again.

But that's not why you're here.

When I say “shorts,” I mean short content. It could be writing, speaking (podcasts), or video. YouTube seems to love short content. Amazon does, too.

I'm giving short content a go with Amazon Kindle books. Instead of a 10-chapter book, I'm publishing 10 books of one chapter each.

Each “short” will be a fully-contained story inside a bigger story. Let's see if I can pull it off. I'll be writing under a pseudonym. I may, or may not, share it here. It will be about a very controversial subject, so…beware.


How many of you actively use LinkedIn? If you do, what's your main objective?

Did you know LI has nearly 700 million users and over 40 percent of millionaires use it? Yeah, me either.

But it's a big place and it's transformed from a place you stick a resume to get your next job to a Business-to-Business (“B2B”) behemoth. MOST Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn for lead gen.

Speaking of lead gen (we were, weren't we?), I've purchased a white label LI lead gen tool that can fully automate connection requests and messaging. If you're interested, go check it out here.


I recently began using a new email service provider called SendFox. (Yes, I still use Aweber.) I'm using it exclusively for “content rollups.”

These are like digests of the week's posts or a series of podcasts. SendFox makes these rollups super-easy to publish.

Rollups are a great way for bloggers to email their subscribers and keep them “top of mind” and more engaged what you're publishing on your blog, YouTube, or podcast.

It's pretty cool. You should give SendFox a look.

Signing off…

That's it for today. Lots in the old pipeline, as they say. What are you working on?


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