Ah, the title! I am not sure that RankBuilder is any better than SEnuke at all. I won't even begin to say until I try it!

But I will tell you that they appear to do similar things…and RankBuilder is $4.95 for the first week and then $67 a month thereafter, compared to SEnuke at $127 a month.

I will say that SEnuke is 100 percent worth the money, so if RankBuilder even comes close to SEnuke, it's a winner based on value.

Getting backlinks is one of the surest ways to get high rankings in the search engines. That is a fact. Linkwheels, RSS feeds, forum profiles, articles, etc. – one of the main benefits of any of these methods is getting a valuable backlink from a high PR site.

You could spend all week doing this "off-page" SEO work. Or you could hire out a staff to do it for you. Both will cost you more than $127 a month.

Or you could try RankBuilder for automated backlinking.

$4.95 for a week. You probably spend more per day on coffee from Starbucks!

PS – When my week trial is up for RankBuilder, I will do a comparison between RankBuilder and SEnuke. I'll tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly, for both. Cool?


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