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Is podcasting dead?

No. Read on.

Last month, we surveyed hundreds of people in the podcast industry to figure out what they were listening to in 2022. We also asked them what they thought was to come in 2023. Dozens of insiders, creators, and executives responded to that prompt, and according to them, one thing is for sure: 2023 is going to hurt.

Recession concerns are running very high, and just as every other media and entertainment sector is bracing for turbulence, so too are podcast folk. In my exchanges, the specter of more consolidations, more layoffs, more shuttered shows, and studio closures came up frequently. The general consensus is that the exorbitant spending of the past four years, particularly by the bigger companies like Spotify and iHeartMedia, will finally be properly scrutinized — and possibly come to an end.

Said one producer, “I think there’s going to be a wider reality check about numbers and how they relate to the financing of shows. Everyone in the industry knows numbers are often fudged or based off bullshit stats, and with the global economy on precarious footing, perhaps speculative capital’s role in podcasting will force some shows to close and perhaps nudge us closer to a reckoning of what a podcast really is for and how its success is measured.”

Source: This Could Be a Rough Year for the Podcast Industry

Make no mistake: This is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU to become the podcaster you want to be. The “big boys” in the industry will take the biggest hits, IMHO.

Again, is podcasting dead? Hell no!

Now is the time for you to pick up a fraction of their market share and make the best podcast you can possibly make.

Carpe diem!



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