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From time to time, I run across another internet marketer that I really like, resonate with, and trust. This post will cover all of the internet marketing pros that I follow at this moment in time; the list is subject to change.

I will be writing individual posts about each person. This is the “catch-all” introduction.

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I'd like to see some women on the list but none made the cut this time. Stay tuned for posts about each one of the marketers above.


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  • I go through periods where I subscribe to lots of email “newsletters” (in quotes because 99 percent of the time they turn out to be offer mills) and then regret it later on; then I pare them down until I’m left with those guys above as my only subscriptions.

    There is nothing wrong with subscribing to a bunch of internet marketing lists. Just make sure that you don’t lose sight of your objective in subscribing to them in the first place. The primary reason I sign up is because I see their content and something resonated with me.

    Frequently, I determine that my instincts were wrong 🙂 and unsubscribe. But you can rest assured knowing that those marketers above always make the final cut.

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