internet marketing will kill you
I felt like this guy until internet marketing almost killed me

A few years back, I almost died.

Well, at least to hear my doctor tell the story…

I went in with what I thought was strep throat. Mostly because my wife had it.

It was in the latter part of the winter and we'd all been sick. My wife was actually pseudo-quarantined.

Apparently, strep is highly contagious.

So I had symptoms. And I'd been caring for our 4 ill children. So it made sense to me that I had it.

But NO! The doctor instructed me that she was ordering an ambulance that I needed to take to the ER pronto.

Of course, me being a 12-year old boy in the brain department, I declined.

“I'll drive myself, damn it.”

internet marketing can be hard on the heart
Take care of yourself.

My BP was sky high, my pulse was erratic. I had atrial fibrillation, or “a-fib.” It's when the upper chambers of the heart kind of “unsynch” from the lower chambers and begin fluttering rather than pulsing.

On an EKG, it looks like your heart rate is 300. It's more a nervous system issue than a heart issue.

Anyway, long story short, internet marketing almost killed me.

Or at least, exposed this nervous system malfunction.

I'd been drinking “energy drinks” for years, staying up throughout the night, not exercising, and not eating well at all.

I'd gained weight, lost my athleticism, and felt like shit.

And the body gave up.

Lesson: Take care of yourself.

A) Because nobody else will and
B) One day, it will catch up with you

That's why I recommend getting and staying in shape. Your health is important.

Read this book. It could save your life.

Yoga helps, too. It's calming and builds strength and flexibility.

Here are some other books that may help you with your mental and physical health (oh, and money and computers, too):

  • More on Windows Power Shell – scripting is fun, fast, and easy.
  • I really want to learn some more programming, not because I want to earn more money (but who doesn't?) but because it's actually fun to me.
  • Back pain is a b%%#@! Get rid of it, now.
  • I'm a big believer in routines. We all need them to maximize our productivity and feel better.
  • Since I have the emotional intelligence of a 12-year old (see above), I need this book. You may, too.


internet marketing will kill you

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