September 16

Internet Marketing Muscle Podcast Episode 111




Hi and welcome to the Episode #111 of the Internet Marketing Muscle Podcast.

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Show Notes

  • Episode #11!!!
  • Dedicating this one to Google.
  • Let’s get started!

Another way to do keyword research

  • Google AdWords, with a twist
  • Step by step…

Step 1 – Keyword research

  • Go to Google
  • Search a Keyword Phrase
  • Pick a single result

Step 2 – Keyword research

  • Go to the AdWords tool —
  • Tools – Display Planner – enter the URL of the site you just found
  • Get Ad Group Ideas
  • Choose Individual targeting ideas and Placements and Sites
  •  Sort by Relevance

Step 3 – Keyword research

  • Pick a few results
  • Go look at the sites
  • See what they post about
  • Shortcut: Google search – site:[URL] “KWP”


Final Thoughts

  • Thanks for listening.
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