Hi and welcome to the Episode #106 of the Internet Marketing Muscle Podcast.

Show Notes

  • Episode #6!!!
  • Dedicating this one to YOU.
  • Let’s get started!

A social media primer

  • So many to choose from!
  • How will I choose?
  • I’ll do it for you.
  • Facebook.

Reasons to choose a different Social Network

  • BUT, all that said, there are reasons for choosing another social network.
  • For example, LinkedIn. If you’re a B2B business, it may be better.
  • Bottom line: It all depends on where your audience is.
  • Go where they are. Simple.


  • Don’t try to reinvent too many wheels.
  • Stick with what’s working.
  • “Build your strengths. Buy your weaknesses.” (Me)


Final Thoughts

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  • Thanks Bill, this is the first podcast I’ve heard of yours but I’ll be checking out others. I like the way you list the topics so that we know if it will be of interest to us.

    I’ll check out OneTab although I’m using Tree View for Firefox which I’m quite happy with. Because it shows the tabs in a left column it’s good for a wide monitor.

    • Hi Sue! I’ve just been doing them for a couple weeks now. I try to do 3 a week…already, it hasn’t turned out that way. But hey, i’ve got 2 out this week with just one more to go 🙂

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