Welcome to the June 6, 2011 edition of internet marketing muscle.

Alyssa presents What is a QR Code and How Can It Help Me Find My Customers? posted at Creative Design & Marketing, saying, "QR codes are a very handy feature that can greatly improve the customer experience when used effectively. This post introduces QR codes and offers ideas of how to use them. Read the following post about how not to use QR codes as well."

Ted presents The Importance of a Facebook Business Page | Authority Articles posted at Authority Articles, saying, "Setting up a Facebook Fan Page for your business can help in promoting your page to millions of new customers from across the country."

Fred Meek presents How to Boost Your Rankings With Video SEO posted at How to grant users access to my Google Analytics, saying, "There's a reason why YouTube ranks in the top five of the most popular websites today: It is the primary source for online videos, and people love videos. Ever since video production became easy and inexpensive, it seems like everybody has posted at least a few videos online. As a result, a huge percentage of today's online content is in video form. With the rising popularity of search engine optimization, or SEO, you're probably scratching your head and wondering how videos can be marketed in the same way; the fact is, they can be – through video SEO marketing."

Deanna presents Mobile Web To Overtake Desktop Within Three Years posted at MainStreetHost.

billspaced presents Social Media 101 (Step 1 of 3) posted at Internet Marketing Muscle.


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