Internet Marketing Mastermind

If you are struggling with your internet marketing efforts, you have found the right place to learn all you need to know to succeed in internet marketing!

After a TON of thought, I've finally put together a Mastermind.

I've talked about this a lot. I wanted to provide my audience a better experience than they've been getting at their masterminds, in their private groups, and in their paid forums.

I wanted to make a Mastermind. One that really stands out--without the often exorbitant price tag.

For example, I know of a few masterminds. Most are in the 5-figure range.

But I want to do something different. A lot different.

This Mastermind had to be affordable.

I pondered a lot of price points. And I landed on…get this:

$5 a month, payable on an annual basis. That's right -- $60 for a whole year. And packed with value.

A little background:

I’ve run a local Meetup for about 4 years now (or has it been 5?). We’ve built up over 1,200 members. It’s a great group.

I try (and think) I provide a ton of content there. Stuff you have to pay serious money for. All for the price of a Meetup (currently $10 per Meetup).

My goal is to extend those Meetups to a lot more: more people, more content, more actionable information.

My offer:

  • You get all 12 Modules in 2016. Can't make it to the physical location? I’m streaming and recording them.
  • You get all the presentation materials I use in the Modules (good if you can't attend).
  • Frequent Special Offers that I send ONLY to Mastermind members.
  • One $17 product each month -- could be a video tutorial, an eBook, a Special Report.
  • Discounts on Udemy courses I create.
  • Advance notice on Kindle promos I run.
  • Exclusive email access to me.
  • Private Google+ Community where we can hang out, interact, ask questions, and contribute to the Mastermind.

If you're a regular Meetup member, this really is a no brainer. You know the value I bring to each and every monthly meeting. You know how good the group is -- everybody is super helpful, kind, and generous.

We've got your back.

​After wading through a sea of Black Friday offers I chose just one--Bill Davis's new, exclusive Internet Marketing MasterMind.

Bill's experience, products, creativity, contacts, and help are worth a fortune and to gain an inside pass at this price is an amazing value. This is an unsolicited endorsement.

Mike H.                 

This Mastermind will extend that sense of community to those of you who can't attend the monthly Meetups. And I think it will add even more value to those of you who can attend.

You have two choices...


Pay monthly

Free access to each monthly Module

You get the Meetup materials

  • Presentations
  • Resource lists
  • Frequent Special Offers

Monthly members do not receive:

  • No access to the free product of the month
  • No private Mastermind group access

$5 / month

All Access Pass

Pay Annually and get all the things

All 12 Monthly Modules are included

Access to all the materials in each Module

  • Presentations
  • Resource Lists
  • Frequent Special Offers
  • One $17 product each month
  • Discounts on Udemy courses
  • Advance notice on Kindle promos
  • Exclusive email access

Just added!

  • Exclusive access to a private Mastermind group in G+

$60 / year

What if you pay today? There won't be any content in the Member's Area until January.

WRONG. There will be content in there. You'll get December's content in the January module. It's true, there's nothing in there right now, but there will be before December is over.

And this Mastermind subscription runs January 2016 through December 2016. But the Mastermind starts now. So I'll be manually extending everybody's membership through December of next year.


So it's like you're getting December 2015 for free. Heck, I may even "throw in" this month (November 2015)...


I have a simple guarantee. You get 30 days to think this over. If you don't like what's in the Member's Area, simply ask for a refund. I'll give it to you, one question asked:


Not to deny your request, but to make this better. I want this to be the one and only Mastermind you need. So I need to know how I could make it better. 

It's that simple.

There's a lot here. A LOT more than what you'd get if you went the "Goo-Roo" route (we're literally talking thousands of dollars on a yearly basis).

What do you say? Want in?

Take action today. You won't be sorry.


PS -- I've just added another benefit to the Internet Marketing Mastermind -- an exclusive, Members Only Google+ group. Stay tuned for that. I'll be adding that soon.