Internet Marketing for Merchants
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Ah, I think I'm onto something here! It's the little stuff like this that excites me so much.

I've been looking for a good term or phrase to use to convey what people mean when they say things like “local business marketing” and “offline marketing” (this is the absolute worst way to say what it is we do when we work with businesses on their marketing.

There is nothing offline about setting up websites, social media, video, etc. when working with businesses.

Neither of the above terms work at all where I'm concerned when attempting to describe what I do with businesses.

Now, of course, you may suggest, “Why not just say, ‘business marketing?'” But that doesn't convey what I do, either.

In a nutshell, I work with businesses to build web assets. Just as a merchant may build a new store to expand his business, I may build him a lead gen website, a twitter page and following, or set up a backlinking program that gets his current web assets better rankings.

So what do I do?

This is it!

Get ready. It's easy. But it conveys perfectly what I do for businesses. And let's not forget, I'm not working with just “local businesses.” I work with businesses, big and small, located at single sites as well as multiple sites spread over vast geographic regions. So local marketing doesn't cut it.

Internet Marketing for Merchants.

Now, I do help on occasion with non-internet marketing, but generally I refer that work out to professional colleagues who specialize in things like direct mail and print advertising. That's not my bag, so I don't do it.

But I definitely DO this – marketing on the web (internet) for merchants.

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According to Wikipedia, merchants can be one of two types:

  1. wholesale merchant operates in the chain between producer and retail merchant, typically dealing in large quantities of goods.[1] Some wholesale merchants only organize the movement of goods rather than move the goods themselves.
  2. retail merchant or retailer, sells commodities to consumers (including businesses), usually in small quantities. A shop owner is a retail merchant.

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This term describes better than anything I've seen yet what I and many of my fellow “internet marketers” do for businesses.

You may think I'm all hung up on semantics. And this could be the case! But I sincerely think that this term, internet marketing for merchants, works for me and countless others in the industry.



internet marketing for merchants

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