I must admit, I am a little slow. Well, a LOT slow. As in S-L-O-W.

In all the years I have been doing web development, SEO, and internet marketing, the thought never occurred to me until now. More than anything, I am an

Internet Marketing Coach

I impart a lot of knowledge and wisdom to my clients, customers, peers, and the general public. I teach people how to do stuff online, all the way from the technical things to marketing. For that, I am now officially proclaiming that I am an internet marketing coach.

There, I said it.

Now, what does this mean to you, loyal reader? Nothing, really. There will be no massive changes in the way this site runs. You may not even notice a difference.

But I wanted to point out that sometimes, defining who you are or what you do is difficult and often overlooked. I've talked about your “15 second elevator speech” before, both here and at my Meetups, so you should know how terribly important it is to succinctly tell people what you're all about.

This one has been right under my nose. Yours could be, too.

Read more about how to craft your 15-second elevator pitch right here –> Insider Secrets to 15 Second Marketing


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