Income: Project Future-Proof

Are you ready for the most massive swing in the job market in our lifetime?

I don't say this lightly: The “job market” is going to drastically change in ways we can't even imagine.

The things we can imagine are bad enough:

  • Robots taking over more jobs
  • Driverless trucks (and all that entails – more below)
  • Call centers run by AI
  • Learn to code” will become the 21st century's version of “Get a job” yelled out to the homeless

And it gets worse (the unimaginable).

Think about just one aspect of this – driverless trucks. Some experts say that as early as 2030, most truck drivers will be out of work.

That means they will have to find other job opportunities. The average trucker is 50 and has a high school diploma and has been driving trucks for 20 to 30 years.

I bet they haven't thought about updating their resumes in quite some time!

Further, think about the truck stops and wash industry: a driverless truck never gets tired or hungry.

Fast food joints? Big hits. Know what happens when Burger King loses 30 percent of its business?

It fires 30 percent of its staff. And they can't go be truck drivers.

Rest areas, truck stops, fast food, and the hospitality industries will be hit hardest (besides actual truck drivers).

Sound gloomy?

Hell yeah!

But I'm not one to wait around to be kicked in the head by a mule.

Nope. I'm ready. You should be, too.

On March 5, I will present you with a training package that will future-proof your income.

And I'll be adding some incredible bonuses to this package, too.

Of course, this whole dealio revolves around internet marketing. You won't have to learn to code, either.


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