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Commercial space travel is no longer impossible

Let me tell you a story about the Possible and its evil foe, the Impossible.

There was a high school wrestler. He was very good. His name was Tommy.

One night, Tommy had an upcoming match.

Two hours before the match, all the wrestlers were just lounging around the locker room, and the coach called Tommy into his office.

Coach said, “Hey Tommy. What do you think about tonight’s match?”

Tommy said, “Well, coach, he’s a two-time state champion. It’s impossible. I can’t beat him.”

Coach said, “Tommy, I think you could take him.”

Tommy said, “Coach, seriously, you don’t believe that. It’s impossible.”

Coach replied, “Well, Tommy, you’ve used the word ‘impossible’ twice. Let’s see what that word means,” so the coach got up and went to his bookcase and took out a small dictionary and gave it to Tommy. “Look up the word ‘impossible’.”

Tommy looked. “… I-M-P, I-M-P-O …It’s not here. There’s no impossible.”

Then he flipped the page, and he sees how the coach cut the word impossible out. He said, “Oh, coach. This is cute. You took the word ‘impossible’ out.”

Coach said, “Yeah, but I did it for a purpose, because impossible is just an opinion. Impossible is not a fact.”

Tommy said, “Well, whether it’s opinion or fact, I’m not so sure I can beat this guy tonight.”

Coach said, “Tommy, do you ever see my wife and my little 3-year-old girl come to matches?”

Tommy: “Yes, sometimes I even play with your little girl around the mats.”

Coach: “Well, did it ever strike you that my wife and I are pretty old to have a 3-year-old.”

“Well, now that you mention it, maybe,” Tommy said.

Coach: “Well, my wife and I spent over $100,000 traveling around the world to fertility experts, and it took 15 years, and every single one of them told us it would be impossible for us to have kids, and that’s our child. Right before you go on the mat tonight, I want you to look at my little daughter and realize there’s no such thing as impossible.”

Tommy did just as his coach instructed.

Final score:

Tommy 7, two-time state champion 6.

There’s no such thing as impossible. Impossible is just an opinion. And being an opinion, it's an option. It is not mandatory. We all have a world of possibilities in front of us. The only thing holding us back is our gumption and limiting beliefs.

What do I mean by this? If you can't imagine the possible, everything seems impossible. And once you can imagine the possible, it still takes a lot of work to get ‘er done.

You can do it.


impossible is an opinion

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