I hate sales funnels
A storm is coming!

It's a stupid term. Funnels, if they're any good at all, actually enable you to take a big container and pour its contents into a smaller hole.

Like changing your oil. You take a container with a big hole and dump it into a container with a smaller hole. A funnel helps you to not spill, too.

In marketing, we use the term “funnel” in the complete opposite way a real funnel works. We WANT stuff to spill. We want to take the contents of one thing and NOT empty it in its entirety.

Does your sales process leak?
Does your sales process leak?

In fact, we know some prospects will fall out at every step of the way in our sales process (some call it a “sales funnel” but that's bunk–they're talking about a sieve or sifter).

It's crazy. I may be making too much of this.

That's why I get worked up whenever I hear marketers talking about funnels. Instead, they should be talking about their sales process and how that matches the needs and wants of their prospects and return customers.

When I heard again about Alex Jeffrey's “Super Funnel,” I went a little bonkers.

But do this: Throw out the term “funnel.” Just don't hear that word. You can do it.

What Alex teaches in the course, though, is worth listening to. I promise. It's good stuff.

In fact, it's so good that you'd be an idiot for not buying it so cheaply.

First thing, go get the Super Funnel. It's at a ridiculous price. Yes, there are upsells, downsells, cross-sells, add ons, and all that jazz. NOTE: Alex always puts his stuff up for sale, then takes it down. Depending on when you read this, the product may or may not be available.

Watch the sales process. Learn from it. If all those “after-the-sale” sales are not your thang, then don't do them. Just know that he makes a ton of moolah doing it this specific way.

I implore you to give the course a look. It's solid.

–> Super Funnel

[su_box title=”Sales Funnels, Explained”]If you want to learn more about sales funnels, in the traditional sense, read this.[/su_box]


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  • I definitely hear you on this one Bill!

    But don’t forget, that most of today’s online marketers have been
    indoctrinated with “Internet Marketing” speak!LOL!

    That is to say, they basically speak and parrot the language of the men &
    women they follow in the industry.

    And unfortunately for so many, that’s the language of the promoters
    that sold them their entry, intermediate and advanced online marketing materials.

    that’s part of the reason “why” certain terms like “sales funnels” and “trip wires”
    are in such common use!

    • Aw, man, “trip wires!” I loathe that term. I guess they’re taking that whole “Make your own words thing to establish your authority” really seriously. LOL.

      Thanks for the comment, Mark, I appreciate it!

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