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Summary: These are cool post types, too! One of the most effective blog posts is the “Q&A” post. I do this all the time with Quora!

You’ve been learning about how to promote your affiliate link using different types of blog posts.

Here are two more types of blog posts.

How to Write a “Top Ten” Post

The top ten post is just what it sounds like – you write a post that lists the top ten tips, resources, products, blogs, people, books, or most anything else that’s relevant to the niche.

It’s fairly easy to promote a product within these types of posts.


  • Top Ten Books Every Dog Lover Ought to Read – here you can list ten products using your affiliate links (along with a few lines about why all dog lovers should read these books).
  • Top Ten Tips for Putting on Mass – this is a useful but incomplete article. Here you’d simply promote a bodybuilding/mass-building product at the end of the post.
  • Top Ten Posts of the Year – You can send your readers to other people’s blog posts using your affiliate links (where applicable). If that’s not possible, then merely creating this sort of useful list can serve as “link bait” – that is, your compilation is so useful that others link to it.
  • Top Ten Tools for the DIY Guy or Gal. Again,here’s an opportunity for you to promote ten different tools using your affiliate links.

How to Write “Question and Answer” Posts

This type of post is a great way to promote reader interaction on your blog.

Indeed, you can even make a weekly “Question and Answer” feature on your blog, where your readers submit questions and you answer one or two each week.

Example #1: Your reader asks, “What’s the best way to get free traffic to a sales page?” You answer the question providing useful tips and then point them towards a traffic-generation product for more information.

Example #2: Your reader asks, “How do you check if a fuel pump works on a ’55 Chevy?” You offer your step-by-step instructions and then provide affiliate links to a fuel pump and the tools needed to carry out the instructions.

Today’s task: Create a “top ten” post and publish it on your blog.

Tomorrow you’ll find out how to motivate and inspire your readers!


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