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Summary: These are my favorites, where you “rant all about” a subject!

Yesterday you learned about promoting affiliate products with tips and “how to” posts.

Today you’ll learn about two types of posts that tend to attract a lot of attention.

How to Write a Rant

A rant is a highly emotional, polarizing type of post. Typically, you take a strong stand on some issue and offer your opinion in a bit of a sensationalized way. If you want to attract a lot of attention, write a rant about something that’s on a lot of people’s minds but hasn’t been talked about too much (yet).

Example: Instead of a post title such as, “Rehashed Marketing Products,” you write a post such as, “BEWARE: You’re Being Ripped Off!”

See the difference?

The first post title is so meek that it wouldn’t get attention. The second one is sensationalized – and thus virtually guaranteed to draw attention. And, of course, once you have your audience’s attention – and you get them on your side – you can then point them towards your affiliate link.

Let me give you another example.

Example: Let’s suppose you’re selling a house-training book that teaches people how to train their puppies the traditional way: By taking them outdoors. And yet some people train their puppies to go indoors on “pee pads.” Maybe you’ve noticed that some people think this is ridiculous. Ah-ha: You can use that to your advantage!

All you have to do is write an emotionally-charged (even controversial) rant that may even go so far as to ridicule dog owners who train puppies to pee on pads or in litter boxes. Then you can pitch your housebreaking book as the guide for “real” dogs.

It will polarize your audience, yes, but your target market will draw closer to you and respond positively!

How to Write Trackback Posts

Have you ever noticed the “trackback” feature on your WP blog? Or better yet, have you noticed it on other people’s blogs?

Here’s the gist: On blogs that enable trackbacks, you can leave a comment about the blogger’s post. But instead of leaving it on their blog, you put your comment (or reply) on your blog. Then you copy in their link as the trackback link. If trackbacks are enabled on their blog, your link will appear on their blog underneath the post you’re responding to.

It’s a great way to join the blogosphere conversation while pulling in some traffic from other people’s blogs. The trick, of course, is to make sure that whatever you post is highly relevant to the original post. You can agree with the post, disagree with it, add to the tips, etc.

Example: Maybe you find a blog with “Ten Ways to Lose Weight.” You can create a trackback post titled, “Ten More Ways to Lose Weight” (where you add to the original blogger’s tips). Naturally, you can promote your affiliate link at the end of your article.

Today’s task: Write a rant and find a blog that accepts trackback posts in your niche.

More blog post tips are coming tomorrow!


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