Everybody watches YouTube videos. The platform has over 2 billion active monthly users, and over 75% of Americans aged 15 and older are on YouTube, making it the second most popular site in the world.

The potential to capture a slice of this enormous market is an excellent reason to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress site. However, you are unlikely to succeed if you add videos to your site without a game plan.

Once you’ve found a quality web host and set up your WordPress site, here are some tips on utilizing the power of YouTube to enhance your WordPress strategy.

Embed YouTube videos in WordPress

WordPress makes it incredibly easy to embed YouTube videos. You can then capture views and shares from people who visit your website but do not want to go to YouTube. If you post regularly and share new videos in prominent positions on your site, it can be a great strategy to grow your site’s organic reach.

Besides bringing visitors to your website, embedding your videos could help you grow your small business, too. It can help boost user engagement, conversion rates, and even SEO.

Once you start seeing more sales, you should open a business account with features and integrations such as accounting trackers and invoice generators to manage income received from customers and clients.

Source: How to use YouTube to enhance your WordPress strategy – Namecheap Blog


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