September 20

How To Use HARO For Link Building And PR


By replying to reporters and bloggers, HARO helps you create relevant backlinks and exposure.

With the right techniques, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) can help you build links and brand awareness for PR efforts, regardless of your industry.

The HARO platform, which PR/Communications giant Cision owns, connects information-seeking journalists with relevant sources willing to provide that information.

The journalists come from various platforms, from The New York Times to Forbes to niche-based bloggers.

HARO stories can tackle anything from real-time news stories to blogs looking for quotes about specific topics like SEO.HARO is a great tool because it benefits both parties; reporters get their source, and responders get a link.

Unfortunately, the HARO system has become oversaturated over the years, which means receiving a reply for an answer to an inquiry is much more difficult than it once was.

Source: How To Use HARO For Link Building And PR


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