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Summary: “Content marketing” was the blogosphere's buzzword of 2016. But it's still a very important thing. Read on to find out how to use it to effectively promote your affiliate offers.

Last time you learned about leveraging other people’s blogs to drive traffic to your site. This time you’ll learn about how to use content marketing (also known as “article marketing”).

Here’s the great thing about this traffic-generating technique: You already know how to write articles/posts and promote affiliate links within them! That means you only need to know how to do two things:

  • Write an attention-getting resource box.
  • Submit your article far and wide across the internet.

Tip: Be sure to create articles/posts that are optimized for the search engines, as many of the top article directories get a lot of love from Google and other search engines.

Tip: This method works not just for article directories but also guest blog posts. To be honest, it works better on guest posts because article directories have really taken a few steps backward in terms of readership.

Writing the Author’s Bio

Not all article directories or similar places allow you to promote an affiliate link within your actual article. That’s why you need to learn how to write an author’s bio (also known as “resource box” or “byline”).

But don’t be fooled – just because it’s sometimes referred to as an “author’s bio” does NOT mean it’s actually your bio.

Instead, you should use this space to promote your blog or your affiliate link. Better yet, use this space to promote your email newsletter.

Example:  “Are you tired of the debt collectors calling you all day? Do you dread opening up your mail? Click here to discover how to make the collectors go away – it’s free, quick and legal!”

Submitting Your Article

Once you’ve written an article and created your resource box, then you can start submitting it to article directories and social media (content sharing) sites, including:

You can even create secondary blogs as a way to get backlinks and traffic pointing to your site. You can create accounts and post articles on:

Today’s task: Write an article (just as you would for your blog), create a resource box, and submit your article to the sites above. Then stay tuned for more traffic-generating tips in tomorrow’s lesson!

In the future, I will be posting about using this same method for guest blogging. Stay tuned!


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