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I often see this type of question on Quora and other places. It's either:

  • How do I start a blog? Or,
  • Who can start a blog?

These are questions born of fear. Fear of failure and fear of the unknown. Fear that other people can do this but certainly not me.

That's my opinion, of course. I used to be a lot like this. But I changed myself. Out of necessity.

See, I used to be afraid of my own shadow. I couldn't speak in public. I wouldn't come out of my room when family company came over.

It was…horrible.

In college, I wound up taking 4 classes to bypass the public speaking course I had to take to get my AA (which I'm pretty sure I never got–though I did eventually get my BA in Economics as well as an MBA years later).

I was afraid of technology. Now, I'm not. (By the way, that MBA was in “Technology Management.”)

What did I realize along the way? There was never anything to be afraid of.

What changed for me? I simply said to myself, “If he can do it, so can I.

This, by the way, is how I sky dived for the very first–and last–time. “If he can do it, so can I.

Tell yourself this: If Bill can do it, so can I.

It's really that simple.

I'm not special. I'm not smarter than you. I'm certainly not better than you.

So, getting back to the question: Who can blog? And, how do I start a blog?

Let me tackle each question in turn.

Who can blog?

Read this. See the man in the picture at the top of the article?

That guy is Jon Morrow. He can't move anything but his face.

You read that right. He cannot move anything but his face.

He uses speech recognition to blog. He's reached over 5 million readers. He's been the top contributor at 3 top blogs.

He's a millionaire.

He didn't inherit the money. He EARNED it.

Okay, you probably can't be as successful as he's been. Nobody else has. But look what he's done. He can't even type.

I've long said that if you can use a word processor, you can blog. It's that easy.

But Jon can't even type. And yet, he blogs.

Repeat after me: If he can do it, so can I.

Moving on…

How do I start a blog?

The ass in me wants to say, “Start.”

I know it's easy to say. But c'mon, it's easy to do! As the god of shoes says, “Just Do It!”

There is ZERO reason, zero excuses, for not starting a blog TODAY.

Look, I've been building websites since 1996. I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two. (Note to self: I must stop watching commercials.)

Back in '96, it was hard to build a website.

Now? Easy as Sunday morning.

Here's what you do: (write this down)

  • Get a domain name
  • Get a web host
  • Install WordPress (follow your web host's instructions – at A2 Hosting, there is a simple “script installer” you can use to make the WordPress installation “push-button” simple)
  • Start typing (or talking, as the case may be)

See how easy that was?

I'm not kidding. It's easy. Now, Just Do It!

(If you need more help than that, I am available for consultation. I've also got some how-to blogging courses that I'm currently re-tooling to go along with the release of WordPress 5.0. Stay tuned on that.)



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