Register a domain nameOnce you have picked a broad topic and narrowed it down to “one problem one solution”, as you did on Day 1, you need to pick a domain name and register it.

But how do you pick a domain name, first of all, and then how do you register it?

First things first.

How to Pick a Domain Name

There are  2 schools of thought about picking a domain name. Remember, your domain name is the URL of your website, so it should be 1) easy to remember, and 2) easy to type (i.e., shorter is better).

Way 1 – use your keywords to make up your domain name. If, for example, the “topic” you wound up with from yesterday's exercise was “house flipping”, then you might seek out a domain like

Way 2 – brand your website. That is to say, if your company name is ACME House Flipping Company, you might look for a domain like Or, if your name is Jeb Eubanks, go for a URL like

(There is a third way, by the way – combine elements of the above 2 ways; for example,

Long story short: Go the branded route. While I don't believe there is a definite Google penalty for “exact match domains”, there is a considerable number of experts in the know who believe there might be. Why chance it, right?

How to Register a Domain Name

You need to go to a domain name registrar and “buy” your domain there (you're really renting it because you have to renew it periodically, most often yearly). I have tried quite a few domain name registrars over the years; I use Namecheap exclusively now.

Here's how to register a domain name.

Just follow those simple directions and you're all set.


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