Quality web hosting doesn't have to be expensiveYesterday, you learned about domain names – how to choose one and how to go register one. Today, we talk briefly about web hosting.

A web host does what the name says – it hosts your website. More accurately, a web host houses your blog files and database. You need this – there is no getting around it. You may think you want to go the “free route” (like Blogger.com) but you don't because you don't control that space. With your own web host, you are paying a fee for the privilege of “mucking around” with your blog.

In short, you will be able to run ads, add useful plugins, and backup your own stuff.

With “free hosts” (where they set up everything and you–obviously–pay nothing), you don't have much control. Plus, you don't own your content. If something goes amiss, your “free” web host can terminate your account or delete all your assets.

Trust me, when this happens, you'll lose sleep over it. I know.

So get a good webhost. Here are 3 I recommend, in order of complexity, features, and price (from low to high):

  1. Bluehost – great entry-level web host
  2. Host Gator – good feature set for growing blogs
  3. Liquid Web – top-of-the-line web host for high-traffic blogs.

Number 3 is where you want to be. But it's probably not where you should start. Start at #1 or #2 and work your way up. It's easy to migrate from one host to another, most of the time.


Web Host

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