Slow websites suck. Here's how to speed up your WordPress website.

I recently gave a presentation at the Internet Marketing of the Bay Area Meetup that showed how to speed up a WordPress website in 3 easy steps.

The presentation is below, shared on SlideShare.

In a nutshell, here's how you increase your loadspeeds on a WordPress website:

  1. Use a Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  2. Minify your stuff
  3. Use a caching plugin

Optionally (and these are biggies but they take a LOT more time):

Optimize your images before you upload them to your WordPress site (obviously, to do this right, you have to take down your existing images, run them through Photoshop to decrease the filesize, and then re-upload them).

Use as few plugins as needed, no more. Really evaluate how much you need those 32 plugins 🙂

Seriously, just do this: Go to and run the test with all of your plugins activated, and then re-run the test with all of your plugins deactivated.

Marvel at the results.


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  • Bill,
    i have a detailed report on how fast my site is. If you would like to see it,just holler. All i need to fix my site for faster speed is get a cdn and fix the etags.

    • Awesome – I’d love to see it, Billy. And let us know what CDN you pick. I’m using the free Cloudflare for some sites, with very favorable results.

      Glad to hear from you!

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