Hey, I got this question via email and thought it was a good subject to tackle and share with everybody. It's all about how to send an update to your Facebook fans, through the Facebook messaging system.

Pretty cool.


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  • This is great but where will fans see this message? On their page? In their email? Will they have to search for it or will they get some type of notification? Thanks!!!

  • I’ve done some testing on this, and it doesn’t seem to come up in the Facebook email at all with several of our fans. I couldn’t figure out where it would be.

    Did you test to see exactly where it shows up? Doesn’t seem very useful unless they are really getting it.

    Thank you!

    • @Eva, I haven’t done extensive testing with this. I agree with you that if your fans don’t get the email, then it’s completely worthless. Lately, I’m less than impressed with Facebook in general and Facebook email in particular. It simply doesn’t work as advertised. And it seems extremely finicky (works sometimes, doesn’t others–must drive their developers nuts–if they even look at such things).

  • hello
    do you know why i cant attach no more link or pics when i send an update?
    the attach option seems not available anymore.
    is like that for everyone or just for me?

  • @billspaced

    thank u to reply, at least i know im not crazy. im looking for an official post/answer about that. if anything, i’ll post here

  • Hello,
    I am checking out how to send an update to my fans and I found your website. This is great but when I go into my edit profile then resources, Send an Update is not there? Can you or anyone help me?

    Thank you

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