In An Introduction to Social Media Using and Hootsuite, I told you that I would be giving you a method using and Hootsuite that would give you dozens of backlinks all from a single  blog post.

Today, you're in for a treat. I reveal exactly, step-by-step, how to create a backlinking bonanza that is easy to set up and even easier to maintain. And you will get literally dozens of backlinks from a single piece of content, automatically.

This is a long post. Get yourself a nice beverage and sit down in a comfy chair.

The Preliminaries

First of all, let's lay the groundwork. For maximum benefit, you will want to register. Go ahead and do that. Just click on the link; another browser window or tab will open. Just fill out the form, check your email, and click on the confirmation link. Then come back here.

What You Need

I'm a tool junkie. I use power tools so that I can get things done more effectively and efficiently. However, there is nothing wrong with doing things manually. In fact, doing things manually offers two benefits: One, you will really understand the process and Two, you will really appreciate the tools once you use them!

These are what I consider the Essentials:

  • A account. Sign up here. Then come back.
  • RoboForm. Of course, this one is optional, but once you use it, you will find that it cuts down your account set up time by half–or more. Plus, it's an awesome password manager.
  • A good clipboard manager. I use Spartan Multi Clipboard

Laying the Foundation

You really should use Roboform for this, but I will just give you the method and a video will follow later to registered subscribers on how to set it up.

Essentially, once you're all set up on, you will be presented with the following page: Manage Social Networks

Pick the networks you want (I will share a list in a moment) by clicking the “Add Network” links. Do one at a time. Just follow the prompts.

If you're not using Roboform, I'll see you back here in 3 hours or so. It does take a long time to fill out all the forms and get them connected to Ping. (Using Roboform, I can set up an entire group of accounts in less than an hour. I typically charge customers $100 to set up a group of accounts for this very purpose, so it makes double-sense for me to streamline this process as much as possible.)

First, I don't set up Twitter, Facebook, or Facebook Pages to work with Ping. I simply haven't seen consistent results. I use Hootsuite for that; it works much better and the posts come out as expected.

Here's the list of social media sites I typically sign up for and use with Ping:

* These are critical accounts to set up and use with Ping.

Now, go set up Hootsuite. (Video tutorial to follow to registered subscribers).

Find the RSS feed for your main blog and add that feed to Hootsuite. Set up Hootsuite so that every time you create a blog post, Hootsuite picks up the feed and sends it to the following:

Now, the magic happens. Each time you make a blog post, that post gets syndicated to your twitter page, facebook wall, facebook fanpage (if you have one), and Ping. All of those sites you connected to ping get your content, too!

Plus, a little extra icing on the cake: Set up the social media networks that Posterous works with, and you get another “downline” of links (when your blog gets picked up by Hootsuite, the content gets posted by ping to posterous to all of its associated websites, giving you backlinks to your backlinks)!

For even more icing, integrate RSS feeds into the mix, like so: All of those sites you set up have RSS feeds. Submit those feeds to RSS aggregators and you get dozens–if not hundreds–of backlinks, all from one blog post!


I'll show you how to do that in a subsequent post. The trick is in a WordPress plugin called Web Traffic Genius.


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