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Summary: These types of posts are by far the best posts for affiliate marketing. Read on for the full skinny.

You’ve been learning about different types of informational or even inspirational posts you can use to promote your affiliate link.

Today you’ll learn about two types of posts that tend to create a big response and plenty of sales.

How to Write a Product Review

The reason why product reviews (and comparisons) tend to generate a lot of sales is because cash-in-hand buyers tend to read reviews.

Indeed, many buyers search for product reviews before they purchase a product. And that’s why you should optimize your reviews for keywords like “[product name] review.”

Here’s the key to writing a review that generates sales: Be honest. That means you should list the product flaws as well as the product’s strengths. And if you don’t recommend the product, say so.

Here’s a general outline for product review posts:

Quick overview – let readers know what product you’re reviewing, and give your overall impression of the product up front. This is good for skimmers who just want to know the “verdict.”

Share the product’s strengths and benefits.

Example: “The Kindle is lightweight so your hands never grow tired of holding it (even if you’re reclined in bed).”

Tell your readers what’s wrong with the product or what type of person wouldn’t benefit from the product.

Example:  “If you want to enjoy full-color photo books, the Kindle isn’t for you.”

Conclude by telling readers why you recommend (or don’t recommend) the product.

Example: “If you love taking books on vacation – or if your bookshelf is running over – then you’ll love the Amazon Kindle.”

How to Create a Product Comparison Post

Instead of just writing a product review, you can compare two similar products.

In this case – just as with the product review – you share the strengths and weaknesses of each product. However, in your “verdict” you tell your readers which product you recommend.

Here’s asales-generating tip: If they’re both good products, then you can recommend one of the products for one segment of your target market, and recommend the other product for a different part of your target market.

Example: If you expect to take any pics near the water – such as when you’re fishing or you’re poolside on vacation – then get the waterproof [product a] camera. Otherwise, if you expect to stay dry then save yourself $40 and get the [product b] camera instead.

Today’s task: Write a product review for your chosen affiliate product and publish it on your blog.

Tomorrow you’ll learn about one final type of blog post that you can use to generate sales!


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