how to create a solution and monetize it
One problem, one solution. That's where you start.

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At first, you might just feel your way around the niche and network, not doing much in the way of sales. But, you’re not just playing at this—it’s a business. That means you have to treat it that way.

You’ve chosen a particular niche because you can help people and because people are willing to pay for that help. It’s time to get serious about creating your solution and monetizing it.

Again, I’m not going to go too deeply into business models. But, I will cover the basics so you get something in mind before you move on.

What is the most pressing need of the people you’ve interacted with, in your niche? Can you create an info-product that will help them?

Sure you can! Simply gather the top questions people have in your niche. Take a look at what other products and books on the market cover. Figure out what’s missing and how you can fill in the blanks for the people of your niche.

Creating this solution can be as simple as writing a short report or ebook. Or, you can offer something like consulting or coaching.

When you’re first starting out, you might want to stick with simple little products like the one you’re reading right now. It addresses a problem people have (how to choose a profitable niche) and guides them through from start to finish. It’s not the longest book in the world, but it clearly, concisely and easily solves the problem many people have.

That’s along the same lines of what you should be doing for your audience. You can create a series of info products, or release books, or courses. You can create informative and helpful blogs and websites that help you earn in other ways. You can become an affiliate, promoting products of others in your niche. You can gather affiliates of your own, giving them a commission for promoting your products.

Early on, I had you figure out what your business model would be in combination with what your niche would be. This is where you execute that decision.

At its basic core, internet marketing is all about providing solutions for people who need them.

Takeaway: Create a solution and monetize it in a hungry niche and you can earn a fantastic income.


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