How to build your email subscriber list meetup

I gave the presentation below at my local Meetup on Monday. Give it a look and get both the books free – (same content, one is a Kindle, the other a PDF). If you get the Kindle, go ahead and sign up for the bonus material.


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  • Bill, this was a walk through which I did not expect. You gave us, your readers a chance to engage with real time activities being done. That is a huge change from all the people sharing theories.

    May I suggest to share how to interact with others? We are focusing on finding their core passion and a common one. That would be gathering information as you do naturally with conversation. Yet, it is not a to be like a robot. Just doing the same thing and using the same words to gather information. Get real and be engaged with learning about the person. Not all the things they did and such. They are real people. That is who you want to know.

    Hey Bill. This was my first visit yet not my last. You have something developing here and I love it!

  • HI William,

    Thanks for stopping, reading, and leaving a detailed comment. Not sure exactly what you’re saying in your second paragraph – perhaps you can explain a different way?

    Again, many thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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