As you work on getting new subscribers, remember that there are two types of lists you should build:

  1. A prospect list. These are the folks who voluntarily subscribe to your free newsletter list.
  2. A customer list. This is your proven list of buyers, which tends to convert considerably better than your prospect list.

When you use affiliates to get new subscribers, you get to build both types of lists.

Now, there are multiple ways to use affiliates to build your lists, including:

  • Pay per lead.This is where you offer your affiliates 25 cents, 50 cents, a dollar or more for each person they send to your page who joins your list.

  • Viral report with backend sales. This is where you create a viral report (perhaps something controversial) where you sell something on the backend. Affiliates use their affiliate links to send visitors to download your report, and they make commissions whenever someone takes advantage of your backend offer.

  • Sell a product. This is where your affiliates use their affiliates links to direct visitors to a sales page. When someone buys the product, the affiliate gets a commission and you get to add someone to your customer list.

You may also build a prospect list by including your newsletter subscription form on the sales page or via an exit pop up that appears to those who don’t buy the product.

This last method is one of the most popular ways to build a list, so let’s look at the steps in detail…

Step #1: Create an attractive affiliate offer

If you’re selling a digital product (such as a downloadable ebook, video or even access to a membership site), then you should offer at least 50% commissions. However, if you’re primarily interested in list building, then you may consider offering up to 100% commissions (especially if your product is priced low). That way, you get the list and your affiliates get the front-end profits.

Step #2: Recruit Affiliates

The passive way to get affiliates is by joining and adding your product to the marketplace. While you should take that step, that’s not the only step you should take to get affiliates. You should also:

  • Tell your list and your other visitors about your affiliate program
  • Encourage your customers to join your affiliate program
  • Look for partners by listing your opportunity in the JV forum at
  • List your affiliate program in affiliate directories
  • Ask your existing JV partners to promote
  • Contact your social media network to look for affiliates
  • Join a JV list in your niche (such as
  • Seek out new partners, give them access to your product and ask them to promote
    • Tip: You can find potential affiliates by going to and seeing who’s selling products in your niche. Each of these sellers is a potential affiliate. You can also run a search in Google for the names of the top products in your niche, which will help you uncover some of the top affiliates. Contact these affiliates and ask them to promote your product.
  • You may also hire a JV broker or affiliate manager, which is someone who finds and recruits affiliates for you. Ask on niche forums for recommendations. Choose people who are well-connected (i.e., they know all the other marketers in the niche) and have a history with successful brokering/managing.


Building your list with the help of affiliates is a fast and powerful way to get new subscribers. Even a marketer with a small audience in your niche can send you a few dozen prospects.

The largest marketers – your super affiliates – may send you hundreds or even thousands of prospects and customers.

All you need is a good product, a good affiliate offer (commission rate) and the ability to contact and recruit your niche superstars. Today is the day to start!

That concludes our 5-part series. In case you missed any of the other parts, sign up below. All I need to get you started is your first name and email address.


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