Hot Profitable Niches

hot profitable niches
Niche marketing can be very lucrative. Get this course to learn more about it.

A colleague of mine, whom I respect a great deal (David Perdew of NAMS fame), has created a course that's pretty damned good (I bought it yesterday) about niche marketing.  

He calls it Hot Profitable Niches but I think he named it wrong.  

It's more like High Performance Niches and it's a great course.  

Only $12.99 as I type this out. Its regular price is $47.  

It contains a wealth of information that builds on the Niche Marketing series I just published a few weeks ago.  

It is my strong belief that if you couple those two resources (both links above) you will succeed in niche marketing.  

Not only that, you will enjoy it, too.   Some highlights:

  • The coursebook
  • A spreadsheet with loads of keyword research data (this is invaluable and I'm thinking of adding to it as a special bonus for you if you buy through my link)
  • Best Practices infographic (print it out, post it near your computer)
  • A special report that helps you find even more profitable niches
  • Tools to help in your niche marketing
  • A handy workbook

The meat of the course is the coursebook. The good stuff:

  • Power of the niche – page 4
  • Business options – page 6
  • Should you “niche” or “micro niche?” – page 9
  • Evaluating a niche's potential – page 12
  • Tools for niching down – page 19
  • Refining your niche – page 24
  • Action plan (super valuable) – page 29

As they say, all that and more!  

I really like this course. It's going to help me get even better at niche marketing.  

I think you should give it a long look. It may help you build some little “side hustles” that earn you consistent chunks of money.

Cheers, Bill  

PS – I have no idea how long this price will be good for. It's not on a dimesale so the price is not changing with every sale. However, we know what that means:

At any time, this course could rise in price up to its regular retail ($47).

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