Heartbleed bug OpenSSL
Oh, yeah, this one sucks!

I rarely talk about security stuff on this site, so when I do, you should know that it's pretty important. I take security seriously, and while I “get” most of it, I rely now on other trusted sources to do the security sleuthing on my behalf. So hat-tip to Kimberly Castleberry of Just Ask Kim for the heads-up on this. Definitely go visit her site for her perspective on this.

I will not be adding anything here that isn't already on her post, so, seriously, GO THERE NOW!!!

Oh, I will add this: There is an extension for the Chrome browser that you can use that alerts you if you visit a site that's susceptible to the Heartbleed bug.

And here's an interesting article: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/elements/2014/04/the-internets-telltale-heartbleed.html

Suffice it to say that you should heed this warning and protect yourself. Read Kim's post 🙂


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