With every new year comes another 7 billion “New Year resolutions.”

I don't do resolutions. Hell, I don't even set “SMART” goals.

What do I do? Do you care? LOL

…I just set out to be the person I want to be.

And I do it every day.

Am I perfect? Hell no. But that's not even the objective.

I just want to become the person I want to be.

Be you. Be your ideal (not perfect) self.

I was talking to a trusted colleague and great friend the other day (you know who you are) and we were talking about goal setting, resolutions, and other stuff all of us think about around New Year's Day.

I told him I don't set any goals. I just decide what I want to do and then I do it. It doesn't have to be a new year for me to change course, do something new, or fix something that's broken.

I suppose you could fit this into the “money loves speed” box.

But that's crap. I mean, if you take ANY classes in marketing, you will find that “first mover advantage” is a myth. MOST first movers die before any innovation really takes hold.

Remember Nokia? Sure, they made a lot of money. At first. Tech overcame them and Apple squashed them like a little bug.

Do they even make phones any more? I have no idea. I haven't heard their name for years, until today, when I just said it.

I'm reading (okay, hearing) a book called “Atomic Habits.” I'm only a few “pages” in, but it's really resonating with me.

You don't create habits to arrive at an outcome. You set what your desired outcomes are and then do the things it takes to get there. The things it takes to get there are routine things you just do to become that person you want to be.

And if you do those things frequently and consistently, they become habits.

The dude's story is amazing, too. He got hit flush in the face with a baseball bat. Broke both eye sockets and his nose, fractured his skull, and went into a coma.

He just surpassed 10 million sales. Crazy.

In case you want to check out the book, here's my affiliate link – https://amzn.to/3imRg9j

Moving on… As you know, I promised everything I publish in 2023 was going to be on the house.

It's still a promise. Check out Free Courses on the site. There are two courses there now with more to come this year. Just stay tuned.

Next one up is personal development. It fits in nicely with the message above.

With love,


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