I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!Happy New Year 2011

Here's to saying "Goodbye" to 2010 and "Hello" 2011 :)

Now, I'm going to be just like every other internet marketer here and tell you what you ought to do, but I'll make it much more brief than "those other guys."

Three Things to Do TODAY

  1. Reflect on 2010. What went right? What went wrong? Do more of the first, less of the last. Simple.
    Seriously, do more of what worked and less (or none) of what didn't. This goes not only for internet marketing but also for life in general.
  2. Assess. What do you own, in terms of internet marketing "gear." By that I mean, list everything you own. It's probably right there on your computer. List domain names you own, eBooks and courses you've bought (and probably didn't put into use, much less read), tools you purchased (like screen capture software, video cameras, software to get critical work done, etc.).
  3. Plan ahead for 2011. Use your assets. Remember, an asset is something you paid for that generates an income. If it just sits there collecting digital dust, it's an expense and a liability. Use your assets!

Chunk out your year. You could break it down into quarters (3 months at a time) or into 12 months. However you want to go about it, just do it.

Set some goals. These are goals that you want to achieve in whatever time periods you set up. It could be a product a month that you create, a new service you want to offer, or a seminar you want to teach.

Put everything down on paper. Hang it on your wall. Track your progress. If you're ahead of schedule, add more. If you're behind, catch up. Maybe you bit off more than you can chew.

Re-assess. There is nothing wrong with changing plans. In fact, changing plans means–at the very least–that you have a plan.

Most people don't. Life just happens.

Make your life the way you want. DO NOT LET "CIRCUMSTANCES" CONTROL YOU.

That's a waste of life.

For now, that's all I have. Oh, one more thing: 2011 will be a great year. Count on a lot of good stuff from Internet Marketing Muscle!


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