got digital dust
If you do, this report should be right up your alley!

I bet you think you can't make any money by being organized.  


Like, your closet is amazing! Now how does THAT earn an income?  

Well, it doesn't.  

But the crap you keep in your closet or garage could very well be sold. Like that classic Atari system – you could probably sell it on eBay for a ton of dough.  

(Hey, maybe I should sell mine!) Hahahaha.  

The crap inside your computer could be worth a lot. But how would you know if you store all your downloads in the “downloads” or “Documents” folder?  

It's time to take an assessment of what you have and how what you have can help you in your business.  

I have just the tool to help! It comes from a marketer I've followed for years – Paul Myers.  

He just sent out an email two days ago about “The Fortune at Your Fingertips.” I picked it up yesterday.  

The methodology Paul shares is really helpful. Basically, you organize what you have into several buckets.  

And you ask yourself, “How can this help me…?”  

Paul “buckets” these things into 7 buckets – I won't tell you what they are, you have to buy the report!  

But I will give you an example. That PLR report you have hiding away in some obscure folder on your 3rd external USB drive?  

Ask yourself this: How can I turn that into my own product? Or, how can I use it to drive traffic to my site? Or, how can I use it to get more subscribers on my list?  

Get it?  

Get it.  


P.S. – Paul includes 3 more reports in a package:

  1. 22 Hot Buttons
  2. Psychology of Selling
  3. Resources 2019

Each of these is super valuable on its own. Together, at this price? NO BRAINER.


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